How long does a spray last?

They are concentrated.  No alcohol.  A spray can last 2 to 6 days.

Does the product come in different sizes?

Currently we only offer 1oz bottles.

Is there competition between fundraising participants and other entities such as gas stations, car washes, or convenience stores?

No, our product is only offered to schools, churches, and youth teams/groups throughout the nation.  Consumers in each city will only be able to purchase our products from participants of the fundraiser.

Where can the products be sprayed?

Our product can be sprayed anywhere except a restaurant (food smells and air fresheners don’t mix).  In the air (away from eyes).  On vehicle and home carpets.  In offices, schools or generally anywhere.  Custodians frequently use in mop water to freshen the area.

What are the shipping rates for orders over 100 bottles?

We pack and weigh each order over 100 bottles to give exact shipping via USPS.  Each rate is different due to weight and distance of each package.

When does the order arrive?

The order will arrive in 14 business days.

Is the product harmful to pets or infants?

There has never been a complaint on this matter.  Any and all products should be handled with care.  Our Orange Vanilla Scent is often used to eliminate the smell of pets.

Does the labels come with the bottles?

Yes, all of the labels are custom made with the group/organization information on the label .  The labels are sent with the order and the participants simply peel and attach the label to the corresponding bottle.

Are there prizes for youth selling the most product?

Typically fundraisers offer prizes for most sold, but ours is unique.  Our product is so good, it allows the youth to raise an exceptional amount of funds for their needed cause.  Individual youths can establish their  businesses with our product and gain great profits after the fundraising campaign is over.