Power of Numbers

The Power of Numbers Formula

-Our first duty is to give youths an avenue to gain personal, business, & fiscal responsibility.

-Our second duty to your organization is to assist in raising great amounts of money for the needed cause.

-This incredible POWER OF NUMBERS formula makes our program so unique. With this formula the youth/participants will learn the benefits in working in unison to achieve a great goal.

-The formula will empower and raise a better trust level in dealing with others in the group.

The following formula is based on a 20 count youth class/team/group but your participants number can be inputed in the same formula to to achieve your groups accurate profit amount.  Just enter the amount of your participants where 20 is and perform the equation to gather the actual amount of your groups net profit.

Here Is The Formula:

Minimum Order is…………………………………60 Bottles x $3.5 (bottle) =$210 cost.

20 youth/participants sell 3 bottles each multiplied by $7(bottle) in 2 days = $420  Net Sales.

If you instruct the students to work together quickly and in unison, the profit for the synchronized effort will be an incredible $420 in 2 days.

As in the example, a group can easily profit at least $500 in a week for their cause.


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Here are some samples of labels

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