The scents are really refreshing, and really killed all car odors. My favorite scent is the paradise


Great Smells And Long Lasting. It’s So Worth The Purchase

Kamia Johnson

I’ve been using these fragrances sense 2007 because they eliminate odors and they last long time smells really good I just love them! Thank DCS! God bless you

Apostle Micky McClinton

I was first introduced to dcs premium scents a year ago. I immediately fell In love and wanted to know more about it. I am a former smoker and you would never know it when you entered my truck. I love the fact that the scents are not overwhelming and they have longevity. Also you do not have to use a lot. The bottle last a long time. I’ve started to use them in my house as well. Everyone that enters my truck always want to know about it. My non even uses it in her house. Great product and I highly recommend you give it a try. YOU ROCK DCS PREMIUM!!!!


My favorite scent is Paradise in which I use it for home, office, and car. It eliminates all kinds of odors and the scent lasts long. I love the product and I hooked others onto it as well.

Howards Business Solutions

Definitely a great product, especially for customers who suffer with allergies like myself. The scent last long. Everyone who gets in my vehicle loves the fragrance.


Love it! Thanks a lot!


I really credit the company on having a keen sense of smell and the duration it lasts! Great product!


These scents are one of a kind. They’re all really nice but this is my favorite! Our fundraiser was a success and the kids enjoyed the fundraiser!


Great smell. This fundraiser raised a very sizable amount for our soccer uniforms. Thanks again DCSpremiumscents!

Daren O

These scents work great for my car!

Joe A

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